During the Covid pandemic, many woodturning demonstrations migrated to being presented online, rather than in person.  With my photographic background, I offered to share photo tips online to help fellow woodturners in my local club get better pictures of their work.  The word spread and I have subsequently been asked to provide my Photographing Woodturnings IRD to woodturning clubs throughout the US and Canada. 
The presentation includes:
Equipment selection
What to aim for in a picture - light direction and quality
Understanding lighting ratios
Understanding depth of field
Photographing glossy, translucent, and textured surfaces
Finishing touches with image processing software

I show many examples of what I like (or don't like) in pictures of my woodturnings and describe how I achieved (or corrected) a specific result.  If you have an interest in scheduling this presentation for your club, just let me know through the comments page.

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